Board of Directors

Leslie King-Hammond, Ph.D.
Chairperson of the Board
Chair, Collections and Exhibitions Committee

Aris Tee Allen, Jr.
Vice Chairman of the Board
Chair, Building and Facility Committee

Carla Hayden, Ph.D.
Treasurer of the Board

Kathleen Pontone, Esq.
Secretary of the Board
Chair, Personnel Committee

Louis J. Grasmick
Chair, Fundraising and Development Committee

George L. Russell, Jr., Esq.
Co-Chair, Fundraising and Development Committee

Wanda Q. Draper
Co-Chair, Fundraising and Development Committee

Sandra Brock Jibrell
Chair, Education and Programs Committee

Paige T. Davis, Sr.
Chair, Marketing and Public Relations Committee

David Taft Terry, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Peter G. Angelos, Esq.
Leonard J. Attman
Reverend Dr. Henry T. Baines
Reverend Marion C. Bascom
C. Edith Booker, Ph.D.
Jacqueline F. Brown, Ph.D.
Nathaniel H. Byrd, III
Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., M.D.
Reverend Harold A. Carter
Beverly A. Cooper
John W. Franklin
Barbara A. Gehrig
Lenneal Henderson, Ph.D.
Burney J. Hollis, Ph.D.
Lisa Diane Kelly, M.D.
Willie B. Lamouse’-Smith, Dr.Sc.Pol.
Doris H. Ligon
Louis V. Manzo
Ackneil M. Muldrow, II
Gary S. Murray, Sr.
Annette Palmer, Ph.D.
John Paterakis